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    Overcoming Limitations

    Born in 1452, there was a boy who was so socially awkward and unable to concentrate that his single father, had to educate him alone at home. He never had friends because he couldn’t relate or communicate well with other people, especially children. He was so wrapped up in his own mind that he would instantly forget what he just learned. He would just wander off mentally.

    It was a challenge to even carry on a conversation with this boy no matter who you were. When he was 15 he joined an artist’s group studio. Within four years he was working as an independent artist at his own private studio. When on his own, he began to develop all aspects of his mind and personality. He blossomed in effect. He started mentoring others in art which increased his skills significantly in both his art and his abilities to communicate.

    Since he had to explain the details to others he found himself becoming much more eloquent and able to get along with people better than ever before.

    His desire for knowledge was insatiable. He studied philosophy, natural history, anatomy, biology, botany, medicine, optics, acoustics, science, mathematics and hydraulics in detail.

    He became a renowned architect, a musician, an engineer, a scientist and an inventor. He sketched the very first parachute, the first helicopter, first airplane, first tank, the very first repeating rifle, a swinging bridge, a paddle boat and the first motor car.

    When Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, it took him six years to complete. When he finished the painting the King of France bought it, but Leonardo was so attached to the painting he didn’t want to part with it. So he convinced the King of France to let him keep it in his studio so he could observe it regularly and ongoingly until he passed away in 1515.

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    Many of the traits of the ultra achievers we’ll be discussing today were part of the attitudes and the skill sets used by Leonardo da Vinci that propelled him to such great achievements.

    Success Traits

    In 2002, after spending seven years interviewing over 500 very successful men and women in dozens of areas including medicine, business, art, music, martial arts, actors and actresses, architects, inventors and numerous others, educational researcher Richard St. John concluded that there are really 8 things that help them achieve highly in their specific niche.

    The 8 attributes will take you from okay performance to exceptional performance. From just being average in whatever the things are you chose to do, to being truly one of the best.

    #1 Passion

    The first of these 8 things was passion. He found that each of the men and women he interviewed had massive amounts of energy derived from their deep level of passion for what they’re doing. They could “feel it in their gut” was an expression that many of them used.

    For example think about a sport you love, something that you really like doing or a hobby that you really enjoy. For instance, it might be hiking. When you think about hiking, you mentally imagine yourself up in the mountains or along a beach or walking a trail or perhaps going through a forest somewhere and when you imagine it you can feel it inside. It feels refreshing, it feels good, it lifts you up, makes you feel alive.

    You can imagine breathing the air and feeling the environment around you as you hike. You can imagine what it’s like to put one foot in front of the other, and notice what it’s like to be in that wonderful place in nature that gives you such a lift.

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    For nearly thirty years Dr. Larry Iverson has educated, motivated and entertained audiences. From his work with Olympic and world-class athletes to the main platform of Fortune 500 conferences, Larry delivers persuasion and communication strategies you can apply right now. Larry blends vision with his background as a Clinical Psychologist in guiding you on an insightful journey, while you develop insights that assist your personal development.

    Larry masterfully uses enthusiasm and humor to help you gain control in your life.

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