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    Audra here.

    You know, I’ve been in the business of fixing cars for a long time and have talked to thousands of people about their vehicles. Believe it or not, I’ve been doing this since I was twelve! I’ve heard the good and the bad about family, fears, accidents, mistakes, the joy of riding and story after story. The ones that always stood out to me are the stories women would tell about how they know nothing about their cars or have been taken advantage of because they’re just not “car savvy.”

    Listen ladies…and gents if you’re reading. I get it. This thought process is built on years and years of being told that fixing cars and understanding the little blinking lights that go on and off on your dashboard are a man’s problem. Just like most men kept their distance from the kitchen until the Food Network made chefs into rock stars! I’m sure some of you would like to keep it that way, because we’re all busy and are not in the mood to learn something new. Well, I’m here to tell you that if it takes you 20 minutes to read this manual, you’ll save ten fold in time and money every year.

    There are so many makes and models of vehicles on the road that it would seem impossible to empower someone with one small set of tips…right? I don’t care what type of vehicle you put in front of me. It can be a car, van, truck or SUV. It can be any make or model and cost $100 to $200,000. The fact is, all cars have some very important things in common, and I’m going to lay them on the line. I may even lose a few bucks doing it, because when you’re done reading this…you may decide to change your own air filter!

    Mechanically Yours,


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    Ready As A Girl Scout

    Let's start with a list of items that you should maintain in your car, just in case something goes wrong. You’re probably going to get about halfway through this section and think that someone’s been driving the paranoid express. I promise you that at one time or another, you are going to need some if not all of the things on this list.

    Flashlight & Extra Batteries

    You know you’ve thought about breaking down in the middle of the night on a dark, country road. What a difference a good flashlight makes!

    Cell Phone & Charger

    You could try smoke signals or carrier pigeon, but I always go for the cell phone. Get in the habit of making sure it’s charged. When you need a tow truck, the police or a family member, everyone loves a charged cell and hopefully a signal!

    Non-Perishable Food & Water

    If you get stuck in the snow or spin off the road, your stomach doesn’t know the difference. Your kids and their stomachs won’t even know anything is wrong…except that there’s no food. You should really carry at least some water and a granola bar.


    When you’re changing a tire in the dark, a good set of flares will slow traffic, which keeps you much safer. Have you ever searched YouTube for “guy gets hit while changing tire?” Yeah, get some flares. The funny thing is that most drivers don’t think about your safety, until it’s too late. They just think that your flares are cops up ahead, and that slows them right down!

  • About the Author

    Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop has been in business since 1933, and has passed through four generations of family. Today, Audra Fordin holds the keys to the successful business that was started by her Great Grandfather, Oscar Fordin.

    Very quickly Audra grew the size of her shop by three times! She honed in on a market that was tapped before, but for all the wrong reasons. Audra targeted women, and her motive was to empower them with the knowledge necessary to enter an auto shop with confidence. She offered them a level of confidence in their automotive knowhow that could protect them from being taken advantage of by a very rough industry.

    Audra holds professional licenses and certifications in a number of areas including ATTP (automotive training program), New York State Motor Vehicle Inspector, New York State Motorcycle Inspector, is certified in Air Conditioning Refrigerant, ASE certified, and serves on the advisory committee for SUNY Famingdale Automotive Technology. She was the 2011 Small Business of The Year winner for New York City and is a Girl Scout Outstanding Troop Leader for two years running! She is fully involved in a Children's Museum program that is being taken national, and it doesn't stop there! Audra also promotes a full product line, which generates money for good causes, creates jobs and empowers the general public on topics like the environment and automotive safety. Her line of books, DVDs, her Women Auto Know App and A-Tire, which are belts and leashes made from recycled tires, have been met with much acclaim.

    Even Anderson Cooper took notice of Audra in early 2012. Audra taped for two days with Cooper’s staff and production team at Great Bear Auto and on the set of “Anderson.” Not to mention, you can always hear Audra hosting her "Women Auto Know" segment on the Verizon Fios1 television show “Push, Pause”. She's also an expert panelist on New York radio’s The Auto Lab." When she’s not at the shop, on TV, the internet or the radio, you can find her with her husband and 3 children (2, 7 and 9), gardening or getting creative in the kitchen.

    Find out more about Women “Auto” Know, and the difference this great organization is making in the lives of thousands!


    Check out Audra’s full line of products created to promote women’s empowerment, environmentally friendly solutions and job growth!


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Women Auto Know: Glove Box Guide

Women Auto Know: Glove Box Guide is your guide to what you “auto” know about your car. Each page will empower you, while saving you time and money!

Learn —

  • What you should keep in the car, in case you get stuck
  • What not to say to your mechanic, to avoid price gouging
  • How to minimize the risk of mechanic error
  • How to avoid getting ripped off by loss leaders
  • How to avoid mechanic scams
  • How to find a good mechanic

“Every women should read this eBook, and they’ll learn a lot. She empowers you on not being afraid in questioning your mechanic on servicing your vehicle. She says, ‘Show me, if your mechanic says you need such and such.’”
– Andrea

“I learned a lot and look forward to bringing more people to Women Auto Know”
– Dwan

“Audra has a way of making what seems very scary information into simple language while she makes you laugh from her style of delivery. Great reading!”
– Jean

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