Auto Mechanics

Women Auto Know: Glove Box Guide

Women Auto Know: Glove Box Guide is your guide to what you “auto” know about your car. Each page will empower you, while saving you time and money!

Learn —

  • What you should keep in the car, in case you get stuck
  • What not to say to your mechanic, to avoid price gouging
  • How to minimize the risk of mechanic error
  • How to avoid getting ripped off by loss leaders
  • How to avoid mechanic scams
  • How to find a good mechanic

“Every women should read this eBook, and they’ll learn a lot. She empowers you on not being afraid in questioning your mechanic on servicing your vehicle. She says, ‘Show me, if your mechanic says you need such and such.’”
– Andrea

“I learned a lot and look forward to bringing more people to Women Auto Know”
– Dwan

“Audra has a way of making what seems very scary information into simple language while she makes you laugh from her style of delivery. Great reading!”
– Jean


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