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    For many people today, yoga is an important part of life. Although it is considered a type of exercise, it has the potential to affect the emotional and psychological health of the individual, not just the physical state. Nowadays, all types of people use yoga for its ability to heal the physical and mental states.

    We hope to enlighten you through this book so that you may learn how to practice yoga on your own. The physical and mental benefits you’ll receive will probably be shocking to you!

    While this book will be talking about the spiritual and sometimes religious practices and history of yoga, you do NOT have to believe in any one religion. The information contained about the spiritual side of yoga is purely to give you a broader perspective. Yoga isn’t a religion, but it can have spiritual effects for those who practice it. Jewish People, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Protestants and Scientologists alike practice yoga and experience the benefits that go along with it.

    You’ll learn what yoga is and can do for you as well as its limitations. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, nor will it cure any and every ailment you may have, but the benefits are vast.

    We’ll talk about a lot of the important equipment you may need or want for practicing yoga, from mats and bags, to balls and blocks. You’ll learn what each piece of equipment is used for, and also whether it is necessary to purchase it or not.

    Some practitioners believe that yoga can cure every ailment, illness, and disease on the planet, but unfortunately there is just no proof of this. If you’re looking for a miracle cure for cancer or diabetes, this probably won’t be what you’re hoping for. But if you need a simple solution for easing panic attacks, depression, mental fog, back pain, stress, or other minor to moderate physical and mental issues, yoga might be exactly what you need.

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    What Yoga Is And Isn't

    Yoga is simply a method of strengthening and toning the body while also receiving the emotional and psychological effects it can bring.

    Yoga is far more than just a series of stretching exercises. It’s not some kind or religion or cult, and it doesn’t require one to turn into a vegan or sell all of their worldly possessions! It’s nothing like its stereotype.

    Yoga first came to the Western hemisphere in 1893 at the World’s Fair in Chicago. It was brought by Swami Vivekananda, one of India’s most popular gurus.

    The word yoga gets its origins from the Sanskrit word "Yug". It means to bind or join. Basically, it is about unity of the physical body with the mind. It’s about "conscious living."

    Yoga is not all about calisthenics. While the physical aspects are certainly an important part, this is not the only true purpose. It’s also about the mental benefits.

    It’s not any type of religion – there are no gods to worship and it is not an organized system at all. Any spiritual benefits are purely emotional and psychological.

    Yoga doesn’t actually distinguish between the physical body and the mind. It can work to improve your physical health in many ways, not just aiding in weight loss, but also improving tone and even reducing physical pain.

    Yoga allows you to release the tension that can build up in your body. It helps the various parts of your body become lose and limber, from your muscles and joints to your tendons and ligaments. It can help ease and/or heal back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and much more.

    People aren’t meant to be stiff and rigid. We were designed to be flexible creatures. We may not all have the flexibility and grace of a prima ballerina, but we should all be healthy and fit. Yoga is one means to achieving such a goal.

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Yoga for Beginners

Have you been wanting to try yoga, and don’t know where to start? Yoga is a great exercise for strengthening and toning the body while also providing physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Yoga is far more than just a series of stretching exercises. It’s not some kind or religion or cult, and it doesn’t require one to turn into a vegan or sell all of their worldly possessions! In this guidebook, we give you an understanding of what yoga is, how it works and the many benefits of practicing yoga. In particular, you will learn:

  • What yoga is, and the basis of each of the six main types of yoga;
  • Some of the physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga;
  • What equipment you may want to have to practice yoga; and
  • Some of the main poses.
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