Handbook On How To Commute By Bike And Ditch The Car

Commuting by bike to work can have its ups and downs. On the upside are: health & fitness, saving money, and not polluting the environment. While on the downside are: potential encounters with cars, dealing with the weather, and fixing flats. For me, the upside far outweighs the downside, which is why I choose to ride a bike rather than drive a car. The Handbook I have written provides practical advice on how to minimize risks and maximize enjoyment on the bike.


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Mighty Magic Mommy

Finding your path in life can be exhausting, challenging, downright scary, and exciting. Illustrated by inspirational stories of her own challenges, Nicole Pica shares how she developed resilience and reminds us that even in the face of adversity we’re strong, courageous, and powerful. She shares her advice on reaching true happiness, confidence, and success wherever you are in your life.

Nicole is a wife and mom of two boys. First a scientist and now the founder of a coaching business, Reinvent U, Nicole helps people create methods of change that focus on reducing stress, optimizing the mind’s potential, career growth, and a healthy work/life balance. In Mighty Magic Mommy she shares many of these methods. Although she plays a critical role in helping others find their inner power, you’ll see that her most important job is being a mommy and to her, this is the true meaning of living with purpose.

In addition to walking through strategies and techniques for positive change, Nicole talks about what success really means. She notes, you have to be the president and CEO of your mind, making executive decisions that work for your life. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about embracing every part of you and becoming an expert at being you.


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Small Steps to Slim

Are you a busy mom looking for a simple system that you can get started on right away that makes permanent lifestyle changes achievable? You’ve probably tried it all, whether it’s diets, supplements, shakes, exercise routines, or any number of health, fitness and dieting strategies. You’ve probably lost some weight, but you probably gained it back.

Small Steps to Slim: A Simple No Diet Lifestyle System for Busy Moms provides you with an almost effortless approach to change your lifestyle that is achievable by even the busiest of women. It breaks the process into simple steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated. And it’s a quick read so you can get started today with the program.

Here’s what this book provides:

  • A simple process to overcome your obstacles to weight loss.
  • A book that helps you put an end to quick-fix solutions that don’t work, so that you can focus on making healthy choices that produce lasting results.
  • A means to make lifestyle change a reality in the midst of your busy life.
  • A no-stress, easy-to-follow lifestyle change approach that is highly effective in helping you reach your health goals.
  • A program that puts an end to tedious diets, and helps you make small, realistic changes easily so that you can finally lose weight for good.

Are you ready to start making simple changes that will help you discover a lighter, sexier, healthier you and ignite your weight loss?

What People Are Saying About Small Steps to Slim

I love Ashvini’s book, Small Steps to Slim, because it is realistic, easy and enjoyable. Many moms struggle with weight loss and having a healthy lifestyle. Ashvini’s method allows you to incorporate realistic and workable changes into your life. The worksheets allow you to develop what works for you, and to see what your obstacles and successes are. The book is not based on a trendy diet or quick fix; it is based on making changes to your lifestyle for long-term success.
Heather L. Turner

As a business owner and busy mother of two, the thought of taking control of my own nutrition was overwhelming. Small Steps to Slim’s simple but thorough program made it easy for me to take small, straightforward steps toward achieving my goals. The end result was amazing: I lost weight, I feel great, and I was even able to lower my medication dose for hypothyroidism. I will continue to use this tool in my journey toward health and wellness.
Erin Lievens
Managing Partner

Ashvini’s process is very easy to follow and is a refreshing take on how to achieve lasting results when it comes to weight loss and choosing a healthier lifestyle. (Stop looking for those quick fixes! You’ll just be disappointed!) Once you begin, you’ll start to believe that you can do it – and you can! The principles in Small Steps to Slim can be applied to any life goal that you’re working toward! Commit to yourself, your goals and the process and you will see results.
Sara Rosenberg


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Eliminate Your Headaches

This book provides a convenient, easy to read holistic guide on natural ways to eliminate headaches quickly. It discusses a variety of treatments because no one treatment works to eliminate headaches for everybody.

Dr. Anderson begins with a review of the common misconceptions about headache treatments and look at why most people get headaches. Included is an overview of some headache triggers that are common in our everyday diet as well as the harmful effects of conventional medicine commonly used for headache relief.

The book addresses headache relief from different disciplines, including chiropractic care, diet and nutrition and stress management. As a chiropractor, one of the most common complaints that Dr. Anderson sees in his office is neck pain that is associated with a headache. The single common denominator with this type of symptom is a condition known as Forward Head Posture. Over the past 10 years this has become an epidemic, probably due to technology, the use of computers, texting and simply bad posture. Even children as young as 10 years old with complaints of neck pain and headaches have been brought in with Forward Head Posture, mainly due to excessive use of computer games. Dr. Anderson discusses the efficacy of chiropractic adjustments and how posture, body positions and traction tools can alleviate this condition.

Next he covers dietary changes that can help reduce headaches. Some people can have allergic reactions to certain foods that are very subtle but can cause a headache. Dr. Anderson recommends a gluten-free, paleo diet; that is, you can eat meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional vegetables and seeds – no wheat, rye or barley, and only whole unprocessed foods.

He also discusses supplements that have shown to offer a natural solution to the treatment of headaches such as magnesium, riboflavin, CQ10 and Butterbur. The exact doses and how they work are explained in further detail in the book.

As you can see this is an overall approach that covers many areas. This information is not only safe and natural but effective in reducing if not totally eliminating your headaches in less than 30 days!

I have referred patients to Dr. Anderson with forward head posture and headaches. His treatment along with information in the book has been invaluable and has shown great results.
Dr. David Qu
MD, Highpoint Pain & Rehabilitation Physicians PC
Chalfont, PA

The information that Dr. Anderson provides in this book is very helpful in eliminating the cause of many types of headaches. I highly recommend it for the lay person and professional alike!
Dr. Daniel Skubick
MD, The Neurologic Group of Bucks/Montgomery County, LLP
North Wales, PA

I recommend this book to all of my patients as a common sense approach to preventing neck pain and headaches. I see Dr. Anderson myself as a patient and have received tremendous results.
Dr. Jennifer O’Connor
MD, Grand View Medical Practices
Chalfont, PA


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Getting a Second Opinion

If getting a second opinion is so important, why don’t more patients get one? Find out how to go about pursuing a second opinion when it counts.

Research has shown that getting a second opinion results in new diagnoses in as many as 30% of all cases yet in spite of the apparent value, few patients get them. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Only 20% of people who seek medical care every year get a second opinion” and yet, as evidenced by the resulting new diagnoses, it can be a game changer. Patients express fear that their doctor “will not like it” or they “don’t want to offend” their doctor. And more pragmatically, even if they do want to, patients don’t know HOW to go about getting one. This e-book will explain in great detail how to pursue a second opinion—from identifying the doctor to making sure the logistics are completed to make the visit the most effective use of everyone’s time.

“Great advice! A simple and clear guide for patients to turn to when faced with a difficult diagnosis. Betty skillfully encapsulates the key points to utilizing a second opinion to its fullest—-picking up where most doctors leave off.”
Amy Clouse
MD, Attending Family Medicine Physician and Associate Director of Family Medicine Residency Program
Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington PA

“Even though I am a nurse myself, I benefited greatly by getting a second opinion when I was making decisions about knee replacement surgery. The seven steps listed in this book were very helpful. I was struggling with the decision to have one knee done at a time or do both knees at the same time. I also wanted to make sure I selected the best possible surgeon to meet my needs. I went to one surgeon who only wanted to do one knee at a time despite the fact both knees were equally bad. When I went to the second surgeon for another opinion I was accompanied by a nurse advocate from Guardian Nurses and it made all the difference. It helped to have someone else listening to what was being said and then help me make the decision. I went with bilateral knee replacement and I am certain that I made the right decision with the help of my nurse advocate.”
Karen K. Kirby
RN, MSN, NEA-BC, FACHE President & CEO
Kirby Bates & Associates, Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Obtaining a second medical opinion made a significant difference more than once in my life. In one situation, a second opinion recommended a more practical rehabilitative path for recovery, and had I obtained the second opinion earlier, I may have made decisions about my care that would have significantly decreased my treatment and recovery time. In a compassionate and thoughtful way, this book provides the incentive and the tools needed to get that second source of advice.”
Harrie Samaras
Esq., Founder of the ADR & Law Office of Harrie Samaras


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