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    You Are The Owner, But Are You The “Right” CEO For Your Business?

    This book is intended only as a simple coaching session for small business owners and new entrepreneurs to evaluate themselves as candidates for the CEO position. I don’t pretend to teach you leadership here; only to have you do a self-exam of your qualifications for the job. While these pages may be perceived as written for the ―CEO-to-be‖, they are intended also—and mainly—for business owners who are positioned in the CEO chair. Whether you are in that position or plan to be, you need to understand—really understand—all its implications and demands as well as your desires and qualifications. The two main questions you need to answer are: a) are you qualified, and b) do you want to be the CEO. Hopefully, this discussion will help you answer both.

    What Does It Mean To Be The CEO?

    Have you appointed yourself CEO of your company? Did you do it purposely because you believe you are the best person to lead the company? Or are you occupying the CEO role because you started the company and you are ―it by default? Or did you claim the position because you are the owner, without evaluating your capabilities for the job?

    Have you thought about what is needed for the job? What qualifications are required? What are the traits that you must have? Have you considered, really considered, what the job calls for? Have you done a job description of the position to see if you qualify? Are you the person to lead the company to the next level and beyond?

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    You probably started a business because you were good at doing ―something, and became what Michael Berger in ―The E-Myth calls the technician. As the business started to grow you became a manager with whatever title you chose to use. As a manager you most likely did a commendable job and the company continued to grow. As the organization took shape you became the top dog and thus the title of President or CEO was thrust upon you (likely by yourself).

    Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric, said of leadership for CEOs: ―The ideal leader is courageous, strong and persistent, and wise—but what really separates him or her from the pack is passion and vision. It’s not enough to be a skilled administrator and world class manager; no, to be a true leader, you need the passion of your dreams and a vision for how to make them real. Passion and vision are transforming forces that will fail unless you fuse them into a powerful source for change.

    So, if we accept what Jack said as a real prerequisite of good leadership, as the CEO of your business you must have or develop that passion and vision. If you started your business and built it to what it is today, I know you have the passion and most likely you also have a vision–a vision for what you want to do with the business and what you want to get from it. Consequently, you have the two prerequisites that Jack demands of CEOs; now you need to decide if you have the talent and if you want to be the CEO.

    Your Primary Aim

    In evaluating your desires and qualifications you must consider your primary aim in life. Your primary aim is the vision necessary to bring your business to life and your life to the business, understanding that the business should not be your entire life. (I say that the business should be a part of your life “apart” from your life).

  • About the Author

    Oswald R. Viva is the founder and President of V&A Management, LLC; a consulting company founded in 1985, now dedicated to helping small and midsize businesses. He has over 20 years of top corporate management in large and small companies, including multiple "C" Level positions, 15 years as consultant in high-tech and manufacturing industries worldwide, and eleven years as CEO and executive coach for small and midsize businesses.

    Oswald participated in eight startups either as a Principal and Founder or as a consultant in an acting leadership position, including multiple CEO positions. He was also the owner of one of the most successful franchises of The Alternative Board (TAB). He has served in the Board of Directors of eight entrepreneurial companies in various fields.

    He is the author of “Its Lonely at the Top”; “A Practical Guide to Becoming a Better Leader of Your Small Company” published by iUniversal, September 2011.

    His education includes degrees in Mechanical Engineering and extensive training in Business Administration, Finance and Management. He is a Certified Management Consultant, Coach and Facilitator, a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and a member of the Fortune Business Leaders council. He is the inventor of record in several patents and has received several awards in the management and entrepreneurial field.

    Born in Argentina, he migrated to the US fifty-three years ago. He has been married to the love of his life for fifty-three years and resides in Acworth, GA. He is the father of four and grandfather of twelve.

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You Are The Owner, But Are You The Right CEO? by Oswald R. Viva

As an entrepreneur you started a business and lead it through the initial stages and perhaps even longer. As the owner/founder you assumed the position of CEO (or whatever title you chose to use), but carrying the title or the position “by default” does not necessarily mean you are the right person for it. To confirm yourself as CEO you need to understand – really understand – all the implications and demands of the position as well as your desires and qualifications.

The two main questions you need to answer are: a) are you qualified, and b) do you want to be the CEO? These two questions are independent and unrelated to each other as qualifications and desire are mutually exclusive. You may be qualified but prefer to do a different job and ¬– conversely – you may want the position but not be the leader the business needs. In this book we address both issues and attempt to help you make the right decision.

While this SkillBite may be perceived as written for “CEO-to-be”, it is mainly intended for business owners who are positioned in the CEO chair.

“Over the years Oswald has been an excellent mentor and an insightful problem solver for me. Because I followed his advice I have time for personal life and I am a much happier person in my role. He has the ability to put his knowledge and coaching talent in writing, such as in this book and others he authored.”
– Bob Rigg
President The Rigg Darlington Group

“As a coach Oswald has helped me grow as a business person. He is a trusted advisor; I value his opinion and look forward to hearing his perspective whenever I am faced with a challenge. In his writings he applies his coaching value in an easy to follow style that helps readers improve as leaders.”
– John Gerloa
CEO Tolvan LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Oswald Viva as my coach for two years. He has helped me to grow as a manager and coached me to become a more effective leader. This coaching has been instrumental in my ability to succeed and become the future CEO of my company. I consider Oswald a true people person who understands what it takes to succeed in business, and maintaining the work life balance.”
– John Kates
CFO Gallagher Fluid Seals

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