5 Skills From The Business World That Would Make Good Lifestyle EBooks

We find it easy to locate experts willing to write about business eBooks. These experts are all too familiar with what it takes to be published professionals in their industry. But what about those lifestyle eBooks? We have an entire section dedicated for simply these, and yet, so few are willing to write a eBook regarding lifestyle.

Rather than continue this drought, we at SkillBites have decided to encourage our current writers, as well as new ones, to write lifestyle eBooks. We know that it’s hard to come up with ideas at times, so here are 5 skills from the business world that you need in everyday life to get those creative juices flowing.

Leadership Skills

You never know when the ability to lead will come in handy. Whether your day includes planning the church pot luck dinner or leading a children’s club on an afternoon hiking adventure, you can always stand to know a thing or two about leadership. The same skills that you teach for office life would be welcome in lifestyle eBooks as well.

Public Speaking

Not all public speaking situations happen at work. There are times when you are called on at parties, weddings, or funerals to make a public speech that others will listen to intently. If you could write a eBook about public speaking in one of the forms it commonly is needed in for everyday life, your readers would appreciate having the skills in such an easy to understand eBook package.

List Making

Who doesn’t wish that there was an easier way to get all of the shopping done in the fastest time possible? Those same to-do lists and delegation skills that serve your readers so well in the business world could turn the local department store trip into a compact and efficient shopping process. The lifestyle eBooks section would never be the same with advice on how to turn the four hour Saturday shopping trip into the 45 minute experience.


What difference is there between organizing your desk at the office and organizing the muck room at your home? There isn’t one, at least in your reader’s eyes. Write a eBook on organization for different rooms of the home, and provide your readers with the same skills that you use in the business world, but with a home edition twist!

Decision Making

Everyone has been in that situation where someone has to make a really unpopular call. Someone has to be fired, a large sellout has to take place, or the company needs to do some layoffs. These skills in decision making and handling bad news can come in handy around the home, especially with teenaged children. The same skills you use to fire the slacker in the corner cubicle can help you get your teenager back in line and take away their car keys when you need to. These skills translate wonderfully into lifestyle eBooks.

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