Drawing A Crowd To Your Business EBooks Website

You know by now that you should have your own website to help establish yourself as a professional in your industry, and you’ve read enough about constructing blog posts to fill a library. Once you understand these concepts, it would seem as if you’ve got the entire Internet mastered and readers should flock to your site to buy your business eBooks.

Having your own website, and stocking it with plenty of information through your blog about your eBooks, upcoming projects, and industry tips simply isn’t enough. They form the perfect starting blocks for creating a buzz about your work, but more is needed. Once you have your blog established and are looking like a professional on your own page, it’s time to attract attention to it.

There are many different ways that you can create attention for your website, and the truly successful authors employ more than one of them in drawing traffic to their work. It will be up to you to decide which paths you wish to take regarding your own books on how to develop skills. All we can do is give you the following 4 suggestions to get you started:

1) Facebook – On Facebook, you have the ability to create your own page for your eBook. You can post about individual projects, or create a main page that will cover everything you do. Many authors choose both of these options. Once you have this page set up, which is a simple process, you can invite others to “Like” your pages. Through regular updates to these pages, those who “Like” your work will begin spreading the word about your activities to their friends. Links back to your site will be followed frequently.

2) Twitter – Through Twitter, you can assign each of your works their own “hash tag”, which is a way for your followers to stay in touch and to find your page again easily. As you update your followers with news and tidbits about your projects, they will be constantly reminded of your business eBooks. They will find your new information, and the links back to your site.

3) Pinterest – Pinterest works a little differently than other social media sites. When you start an account with Pinterest, you can start making “boards” about certain topics. Each of these boards consists of different items that you “pin” to them. Through colorful pictures and a few teasing sentences that encourage additional curiosity, those who encounter your pins and boards will be encouraged to follow links back to your site.

4) Articles – A more involved way of drawing attention to your site is through the writing of informative articles about your industry and your topics. These articles can be sprinkled around the Internet on literally hundreds of different sites and competing blogs. Adjust your writing tone and your professionalism to each different site, and always remember to link back to your own how to develop skills website when you’re done.

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