Making The Sale: The Description Page For Your Developing Skills eBook

Once you’ve finished writing your eBook on developing skills, it’s time to finally put your eBook up for your followers to anxiously buy. As you well know, we here at SkillBites do more than simply slap your eBook onto a page. Before your eBook goes live, you have one final step to take: designing the text for your eBook description page.

The description page should be considered the most important part of writing your eBook on developing skills. When a potential reader arrives and settles in to consider purchasing your eBook, the information in your description is going to form the basis of their purchasing decision. All of the good reviews, the word of mouth, and the social media hype has led your potential reader to find your eBook among all the ones out there. Now, the entire sale comes down to this handful of words next to the “buy now” button.

There are certain things the the potential reader is looking for at this point. It’s up to you to provide them in a neat, logical package that will complete the sale. Here’s what readers are seeking before the sale is made:

1) The Truth – Don’t advertise anything about your eBook that isn’t true. Stick to what your eBook actually contains, and what it will teach the reader. The fastest way to generate negative feedback is by promising something that your book doesn’t deliver.

2) Your Topic – Introduce the topic of your lifestyle eBooks in a few quick sentences at the beginning of your sales pitch. Use this space to explain the depth of your topic and which industries or situations this knowledge can be useful in. The point of this first paragraph is to convince the reader that the information in your eBook is something that they need.

3) A Few Details – Now that you have the potential reader understanding how important your topic is, it’s time to reveal some of the big issues that your eBook on developing skills will teach them. This is commonly done in the form of a bulleted list, because people like bullets. They stand out on the page, and draw attention to their contents. Start with the most important concept your eBook teaches, and include five to eight total points for the reader to consider.

4) About You – End your sales pitch with a couple of sentences that say who you are. You are among the thousands of eBook publishers out there, and your reader has probably read a dozen or more of these in deciding which eBook to purchase for their needs. While this section is about you, don’t make it about your life. Provide the reader with two or three brief sentences that explain why you are the expert they need to get this information from. Include a quick listing of any information that will help establish your qualifications, such as education or major awards received.

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