How to Gain Instant Credibility

If you are looking for instant credibility, writing a book will help you tremendously.

Having your name on a published book shows that you are knowledgeable,
smart and ambitious. If you have a knack for entertaining people you will become
even more credible in your field. Once you have publish a ebook, getting other
established authors to comment on your book can also do wonders for your
credibility. If those authors write for the same industry or in the same genre that
you do, their readers will consider your books worth reading too. Word of mouth
and other forms of advertising can give you a great deal of credibility you may not
have had otherwise.

Small business owners in particular should consider writing a book to
demonstrate their expertise. Writing a book will also expose your business
globally, enabling you to reach far more people than other forms of marketing.
Moreover, if your book solves someone’s problem, people will seek you out. And
your book can serve as a great give-away. When you give value to someone,
they are likely to reciprocate, either by hiring you or referring others to you, or
giving something of value to you.

For many business owners, the main drawback of writing a book is finding the
time to write it; but write a book does not need to take a lot of time. Your book
does not need to be long – a 20-pager can provide your target market with a
good taste of your expertise. With the ability to self-publish your own eBook, you
can become a published author in a matter of weeks as opposed to months or
even years.

For more information on how you can self-publish a book quickly, refer to

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