Using Social Media To Help Sell How To EBooks

If you’re not one of those people who live on social media sites, the concept of them may seem a little pointless. When you’re new to these sites, and trying to use them to stir up a buzz about your how to eBooks, you could very easily find yourself puzzled as to why people are using these forms of social media at all.

We’ve all seen the commercial about the woman who is using social media to check up on her aging parents, expressing her concern about how they have “no friends” and never do anything entertaining, while it turns out that her parents are actually leading very active lives offline. When you’re new to social media, this disjunction between what someone reports for others to read, and what they are actually doing, can be confusing.

There are two types of social media users in the world: Those who rely on it for everything, and those who check it casually. As a newcomer to the world of social media, you may find the offers of games and the constant stream of silly photographs to be, for lack of a better word, annoying.

The reality of our modern world is that people now live their lives almost entirely behind a computer screen. Social media has become such an active part of our lives that invitations to important events such as graduations or weddings are now commonly offered only in these social media formats.

What you must do to make social media work to sell your how to eBooks begins with you joining the social media sites that you aren’t already a member of. From there, invite your friends to your pages, and encourage them to invite others to receive information when you write a eBook. Then, start giving frequent updates about your eBook and what it has to offer. You’ve gone to all the trouble to write a eBook, now you need to use these common forms of social media to encourage people to buy it.

Regardless of what social media site you are working with, the premise of drawing a crowd works essentially the same. Every time you post an update about your how to eBooks, this information shows up on the section of the social media page that your followers subscribe to. When they hit refresh, your reminder about your choice to write a eBook or new information about an old eBook project pops up for them to read.

If your followers find this information to be worthy of their interest, they will interact with your original posting. When they interact, all of their friends will be given an update saying that they interacted with your post. In turn, their friends, if their curiosity is piqued, will see what your original post was about, and interact with it as well. This is how social media spreads the word about your how to eBooks, resulting in more sales for you.


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