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    When it comes to answering the question, what is success, a key component is how effectively you communicate with people who are different than you. In this eBook we will explore the Top 7 Personality Challenges along with the secrets for successful communication with those differing personality types. So let me ask you a question. When you think about communicating with success, what does that look like to you? Do you picture someone who can capture the attention of any audience, then clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas while motivating people to action? Perhaps you see someone confidently connecting with people regardless of personality, position or title, even despite their age or gender, irrespective of culture or generation. Perhaps you envision someone who comfortably talks with everyone; be it large groups or individually one-on-one. Whether you are a CEO or VP of a Fortune 500 company or the CEO or VP of your home, regardless of what industry you are in or what position you hold, the power to communicate with success is not only possible but is within your grasp. This eBook will give you the tips, techniques and tools of making communicating with success a reality starting right now.

    We will explore how you can live your life with all people in a way that will allow you to recognize the type of personality the person you are speaking with has along with the discernment to recognize which personality challenge you are facing and the techniques to successfully communicate with that personality type. My desire is to help you gain confidence while making successful communication conceivable in all areas of your life. I care about you and your time. Now, even though I don’t know you, I know that you want something out of this eBook and I look forward to helping you become the best communicator possible. So let’s jump in.

    I tie this concept into something I learned from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit #2: begin with the end in mind. I start just about every seminar, training and coaching session with this concept because the clearer your target the better chance you will have of hitting it. The more you know about what motivates the people you are speaking with, the more you can weave what is important to them into your target. One of my favorite quotes is from Earl Woods, the father of golfpro, Tiger Woods, in which he says, “Each shot you hit your entire life must have a target or it’s a wasted effort. Never hit a shot without a target.” Think about what areas of communication you would like to target and improve upon as I list out the areas we will cover together today beginning with identifying your communication style and knowing how well you put your personality type to work for you. Do you recognize the strengths along with the cautions of your personality style? Or would you like to get better at recognizing those differences and putting them to work for you? Or how about knowing when and how to successfully shift gears when communicating with someone who is different than you without seeming overbearing, weak, or fake. There are four personalities to choose from, are you choosing the right one? Part of your communication style is your personality. During this next section we’ll explore how well you are putting your personality to work for you as well as when to shift gears.

    You may have taken a personality test at some point in your life, such as the Myers-Briggs or the DISC, or even one based on numbers or colors. Some tests are based on science and research while others are purely entertaining. There are some inaccuracies when a person is testing themselves, which is referred to as self-reporting, rather than being tested by a neutral observer. Wikipedia Encyclopedia puts it this way, “one problem with self-report measures of personality is that respondents are often able to distort their responses. This is particularly problematic in employment contexts and other contexts where important decisions are being made and there is an incentive to present oneself in a favorable manner.” This is important because these tests can be skewed by our own bias, but reactions can’t be. A person can answer based on what they think the person giving the test might be looking for whereas a person will reveal their personality and character when they react to circumstances they encounter, especially if they are under pressure. I like to put it this way, you can tell a lot about a person’s personality by the way they react in pressure situations such as if their luggage gets lost, or if they get lost, or if things don’t go their way. This is what I call “character under fire”, and try as we might, we can’t fake or skew those scores. What we demonstrate in those pressure situations reveals who we are and gives a snapshot of our personality. Though there are several things to factor into people’s reactions including temperament, upbringing, social norms and practiced behaviors, personality is a big part of this equation.

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    I am going to focus of four basic personalities. These are the same four that Socrates referred to back around 450 or 400 years before Christ, and scientists agree that your character is a mix of these four basic personality types. To bring in a modern day translation I’ve renamed the four different personality styles. I will refer to them as the direct person, the thinker/analyzer, the social extrovert, and the relational person. As I list out each style I will also include the following 7 challenges along with solutions so that you can communicate with success regardless of any personality challenge you face.

    The first challenge we will cover is recognizing which personality type or blend of personality types you are communicating with. With this challenge I will point out the key expressions or phrases that different personality types use so you can quickly recognize the personality and overcome the challenge you are facing by speaking in a similar fashion. With challenge #2 I will walk you through understanding the self-esteem level of the different personality styles. To help you overcome this challenge I will also give you self-esteem motivators for each personality. With challenge #3 I will give you the cautions to be aware of with each personality style. In challenge #4 I will include the types of vocations best suited for each personality style along with some cautions if a certain personality style is in the wrong job. For challenge #5 I’ll list out the main areas of improvement for each personality style. During challenge #6 we will go over conversations or actions that irritate or annoy the different personality styles. And for challenge #7 I’ll give you the best way to communicate with each personality style including how to adjust your tone, tempo and body language so that your words can impact the direction of the conversation to ensure you are communicating with success. The first aspect I want to cover regarding your personality style is whether your style is based more on logic or emotions. Here is a quick way to tell. Direct people and thinker/analyzers tend to be more logical in their reactions whereas social extroverts and relational tend to be more emotional in their reactions. As I list out the specific characteristics of each personality, write down or take a mental note of which ones best describe you.


    Challenge 1: Personality of the Direct Person

    Let’s begin with the direct person. Direct people are direct, bottom line and to the point. They are natural leaders and quick decision makers who tend to be vocal and say what is on their mind. Because they base their decisions mostly on logic, not emotions, sometimes they can come across as harsh, abrasive or insensitive to people who are not direct. Some expressions of direct people are, “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business”, or they might say “get thicker skin”, or “don’t take things so personally” or they might tell you to get to the point. Direct people are competitive and want to be the best. As a result they often times will tell you what you are doing wrong and they are hard pressed to hand out compliments as they expect you to do an excellent job and if you are not doing that, you’ll hear about it. Because of their leadership skills and decision making abilities they get things done, though they might ruffle a few feathers in the process.

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    Dawn Jones has had an exemplary career as a high-powered professional. She is an international speaker, corporate trainer and business leader. After more than 19 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she knows the secrets to success inside out.

    As a professional speaker, Dawn is passionate about helping people reach their goals and live their dreams; as well as helping them discover the essentials of communicating for results, building self-esteem, and unlocking their paths to success.

    Her fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with impacting stories and anecdotes, makes her one of the most stimulating and sought-after speakers in her specialty areas. Dawn addresses eager audiences both LIVE and on audio. Her corporate travels have taken her to Australia, New Zealand, England, and across North America. Her recently published recordings include “Taking Control of Time and Priorities and Organizing Your Work and Life,” as well as “Conflict Management Skills for Women.”

    In her free time Dawn travels with her husband to East Africa where they volunteer with non-profit groups to help build a hope and a future for the next generation.

    More than a theorist, Dawn has put her insights and methods to the test over and over in real-life situations both professionally and personally. They are easy to implement. They work. And when combined, they create a concrete road map people can use to triumph over obstacles in their life and achieve their goals.

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Top 7 Personality Challenges

Would you like to use your personality to successfully deal with intimidating people? Would you like to use your personality to motivate people to action? Perhaps you’d like to know if your personality is talking people into or out of your ideas? Or even discover how the best leaders face personality challenges and succeed? Well now you can! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents her incredible “Top Seven Personality Challenges” along with how to communicate with success with each personality type:

  1. How to deal with someone who intimidates you.
  2. Pinpoint how to look and feel more confident by using your personality.
  3. How to successfully sell people your ideas.
  4. Discover how to motivate even the most stubborn people!
  5. Recognize how to eliminate manipulation.
  6. Learn how top leaders identify when and how to adjust their personality styles without seeming weak or intimidated.
  7. And, finally, Dawn’s ultimate secret which reveals the best personality!

You’ll discover the secrets of putting your personality to work for you so you can have powerful and effective communication regardless of age, position, generation, culture or gender; see what Wikipedia has to say about people skewing their personality test scores, and discover what Socrates revealed about you over 2500 years ago! You’ll also discover how you can adjust your style so that you can, as Dale Carnegie says, “Win Friends and Influence People.” In this eBook, you’ll begin to recognize and overcome the Top Seven Personality Challenges so that you can communicate with success!

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