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How to Get More of What You Want

How to Get More of What You Want was born from Gary Brunson’s three decades as a business consultant to entrepreneurs. He realized that while his clients came to him with all kinds of situations, a common denominator for many was that getting what they wanted seemed to elude them. With the processes described in this book, Gary has been able to help them get back on track and achieve the satisfaction of actually getting more of what they want. By reading this book, you’ll gain the benefit of the questions he uses to guide clients to re-evaluate and reset their thought processes as well as their habitual patterns of relating to others. Then you can make your own action plan to get more of what is most important to you.

I love this book, and I’m fortunate to have the author and his wisdom in my life. Gary fortuitously wandered into my world eight years ago at a time when my business and personal life were in a state of upheaval. In that brief exchange, he instantly captured what I was going through and how unhappy I was that I was not getting out of life what was truly important to me. I immediately began working with him both on myself and on my business. Thus began a journey of self-discovery and wonder that continues today. The insights Gary shares in this book have positively impacted how I relate to others in every aspect of my life. Gary gave me the tools to navigate every difficulty and challenge. He truly made a difference in how others, and I myself, perceive who I am in ways that allow me to understand and get what I want out of my life.
Tom Koroch
President and Managing Partner, Elk Components Inc.
Elkhart, Indiana

Gary has walked me through numerous variations of the outline in this book. I have gained insight into my motivations that were not immediately apparent, especially not apparent to me. Working through this process has assisted me in creating practical action plans to address road blocks in my business development. Furthermore, this process has given me valuable insight into the reasons I allowed these road blocks to develop in the first place. The way Gary has used this and other insightful processes has helped my entrepreneurial journey move from reactionary desperation to one of strength and intentional expression.
Jonathan Corbin
Owner, My Tree Climber Inc.
Goshen, Indiana

Gary has been a great guide to me. Be it in dealing with business owners or support staff, he taught me to look at situations from completely new perspectives. As a coach, he showed me the value of questioning techniques and the value of introspection. A discussion with him at any time has made me feel rejuvenated. Each time I have emerged from uncertainty to a point where I could see the end of the tunnel. What I liked the most about working with him is that he always acknowledged my fear first and yet made me see solutions to my apprehensions through discussions with him.
Ray Hunsberger
Vice President of Human Resources, Cardinal Services
Warsaw, Indiana

Gary has been a valuable resource over the past seven years in helping me move my business forward. His experience and approach to business have helped me become more decisive and profitable.
Mike Presnal
President, MCE, Inc.
South Bend, Indiana

As a solo lawyer, I contacted Gary with the desired outcome that my time would no longer be the sole method to support my family. With Gary’s guidance I’ve achieved that. First, he held me accountable to memorialize the systems of my law firm and then benchmark a management employee position. As a result, my company hired my best employee ever. Second, Gary helped me replicate the systems and apply them to two additional businesses we created. Because those systems now clearly communicate my expectations and streamline our processes, those businesses are now adding to my retirement funds as they are managed by my best employee ever.
Michael Metz
Elkhart, Indiana


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An Attitude Adjustment for Presentation Skills

Can you really improve your communication skills? You already know that public speaking and presentation skills are essential for your business and personal success, but what can you do if you don’t feel comfortable making presentations?

With this SkillBite, not only can you improve your presentation skills, but you’ll enjoy doing so, and it’ll be easy and fun! Blair and Miller have been teaching for 30 plus years and have found that the traditional methods of teaching and/or coaching communication skills often miss the mark with clients; the concepts can be difficult to actually integrate into everyday use. This quick read incorporates crucial findings from years of teaching and captivates the reader’s attention through use of a sports analogy. Learning can be fun as you access the tips through the eyes, ears and body of a team player – understanding the rules of the game, the playing field, how to score and how to practice effectively. You’ll find many suggestions that will enhance your beginning presentation skills or polish your advanced technique.

“Miller and Blair have created a focused, detailed, and clear approach to presenting in any environment, for any purpose, and to any audience. Their use of commonly used terminology to illustrate the key points necessary to successfully presenting is practical and accessible. In this succinct format, Miller and Blair have honed in on the issues that most commonly sabotage even seasoned presenters, and detail the clearest and most direct solutions to frequently encountered issues with presenting. As a vocal coach and educator, I am always seeking the most concise and straightforward path to the practical use of concepts and the work of Blair and Miller is one of the clearest and serviceable tools I have encountered to date.”

Ailish Riggs
MFA, voice, speech, dialect and presentation coach.

“Having had the pleasure of working with both Blair and Miller on voice coaching in both a group and individual setting, I was impressed with their ability to hone in on the specific areas needing attention. As a frequent public speaker, I use the techniques they have taught me before and during my presentations to hit it out of the park. This guide provides a great tool for others to learn the tools and techniques needed to increase their presentation skills.”

Christine Cunneen
CEO of Hire Image LLC.

“Public speaking is an essential skill for most in business yet the process and techniques necessary for effective speaking can be very foreign and difficult to understand. This SkillBite does a great job of weaving a common analogy, sports, into the description, making it very easy to understand and internalize all the components of good presentations. Reading this note before any type of presentation would be a great benefit to any presenter. Until I worked with ARTiculate I never realized the more subtle aspects of a presentation that really make a difference in how the audience perceives your delivery. Any manager who makes presentations or speaks publicly should work with professionals like ARTiculate.”

Jason Newcomer
Senior Real Estate Manager, City Projects, Inc.

“This gem is coaching on steroids. A must-have for every presenter who wants to be a hall-of-fame performer.”

Bo Hansen
Research Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Presenter, HealthStream Research


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Guerrilla Marketing for Spas

With an increasing number of Spas entering the market and with businesses in general closing their doors in droves these days, taking responsibility for the marketing of your Spa is more important than ever. The problem is that most Spa owners don’t specialize in marketing. So, how do you know what methods are best? Which ones will work and which ones won’t? You’re about to learn how to use no-cost and low-cost methods to grow your Spa to where you want it to be. You’ll learn to think like a Guerrilla, so you can get your business in the front line and be in control of your profits and successes.

“Guerrilla Marketing for Spas is a powerful and targeted “must read” for any spa owner. The ideas and information are insightful and provide a unique step by step formula, sprinkled with refreshing concepts that are easy to implement. This book will inspire and guide you while it motivates and enables you to be the best. It will change you and your business.”
– Marianne Torhus

“From the moment I opened the book I was engulfed in the endless missed opportunities I had not yet taken within our current marketing practices. I surely didn’t know, what I didn’t know, that thanks to Guerrilla Marketing, I know now! Guerrilla Marketing for Spas is the PERFECT book to take your salon and/or spa to the next level! We have already begun applying some of the book’s best practices and are so thrilled with the immediate results and are eagerly waiting to see how grand our long term ROI (return on investment) will be from following Guerrilla Marketing’s guidelines to success! Thank you Terri for sharing this amazing business tool with us, we’re looking forward to our best year ever thanks to Guerrilla Marketing!”
– Melissa Huetter
Owner: Indigo Salon, Spa & Boutique

“I have owned my own spa for over 16 years and I have coached and educated salon and spa owners around the country on best business practices. Through the years the lack of information and practical techniques regarding marketing for our specialized needs has burdened owners and cost companies significantly in ineffective advertising expenses. “Guerrilla Marketing for Spas” bridges this gap and is a must-read for spa owners intending to be truly successful in the new economy!”
Roseanne Klementisz
Owner: The Body Serene Day Spa


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Grooming Your 2nd in Command

This book will walk you through the process of turning over some of the management responsibilities of your organization while improving your own leadership skills.  You will have more time to devote to those business activities that you enjoy most and deliver the greatest value to the organization.  Following these principals will give you confidence in your work force and their ability to manage in your absence.

“For those business owners who institutionalize the powerful lessons from this simple book and put them into practice, the rewards will be extraordinary and will provide an intentional lasting legacy of their vision and business.”
– Mark Deterding
Founder of Triune Leadership Services

“This is a clear and straight-forward primer on the steps you will need to take to lead your company into the future, and prepare it to be the success that you have devoted yourself to.  You really need to read and absorb these lessons.”
– John E. Hart
Retired Co-founder and CEO of DDL, Inc.

“This book is full of great leadership tools that every business owner needs to know.”
Lesley A. Farmer
KLC Financial, Inc.


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6 Keys to Effective Sales

Written by a highly successful sales person with over 30 years of experience, this SkillBite provides tips to both the new sales person as well as the experienced Account Executive, to help them become more effective and achieve sales success. In particular, it covers:

  • How to prepare;
  • What to do during a sales call; and
  • Actions to take following a call.

It also discusses the key factors to build rapport and trust with your customer and help them accomplish their mission, including:

  • Know your product
  • Know your customer
  • Prepare & Practice
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Leverage your partner community
  • Provide great follow-up care and feeding

Betsy is the best of the best at developing new clients as well as working existing ones, both on relationship building and spreading out within an account. If you are new to sales take these lessons to heart. If you are an experienced veteran in sales, this is a great refresher to hone your “back to basics” skills.
– Tim Caskey
Sr. Account Executive, RDA

This sales guide was terrific! It contains so many practical tips in a quick read. I am requiring my sales team to read this guide.
– Bruce Weintraub
President & CEO, WeiTel

Betsy is a master in the discipline of sales. In this simple, yet practical Skillbite guide, she provides a methodical distillation of how to be successful in sales that only comes from the wisdom acquired through hard work, experience, and the actions successful sales professionals know and do to be at the top. This is a great guide for the “new guy” to get started and a great “gut check” for those of us who look to practice the key sales behaviors that bring the reputation for sophistication, respect, and reverence in the sales community.
– Betsy Padgett
Senior Business Development Manager, Convergence Technology

Whether you’re a seasoned sales pro looking for a good refresher, or a new sales person looking for your first million dollar year, Betsy Silver’s Quick Tips for Improving Sales Effectiveness is packed with content that will help you work smarter and sell more successfully. This SkillBite breaks the selling process into 6 basic skills with easy to understand instructions that will prepare you for success in sales.
– Mitch Weisburgh
Managing Partner, Academic Business Advisors, LLC


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