The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide: How To Get Your Project On The Right Road For Success

You are smart and talented – attributes your boss notices when assigning you to lead the company’s next big project. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it also comes with high risk and visibility. You need to make sure everything goes well, but you don’t know where to start. The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide is designed with you in mind. Did you forget about cost? Are you ready for unexpected surprises? How will you keep track of your team? The answers to these common project management questions – and more – are found in this guide. By using The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide, you will succeed far beyond expectations.

It’s time to get your project started on the path to success with The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide. Designed for emerging new managers, this step-by-step guide shows project leaders how to quickly organize their thoughts, develop a plan, launch a project, and lead the team to a success. Above all, it shows how to manage a project with a minimum of effort while obtaining maximum results!

Written by Jon McGlothian, who time and time again figured out how to deliver results in challenging and changing environments, the book provides you the formula for running a successful project that will help you to methodically and professionally accomplish your business goals in today’s project driven world. Using this formula, you’re sure to get your project off the ground and lead your team to a successful and productive project close.

Just had a project leadership assignment dropped on you? This may be something you have been dreaming of or way out of your comfort zone. Regardless you need a leg up. A virtual or real trip to the project management library will lead you to a bewildering and daunting collection of books and courses. No need to worry. Use Jon McGlothian’s project management guide to get you started. It explains the essentials for a first time project leader in a clear and practical manner.
Paul Van Doren, PMP, CSEP
Data Manager, Digitally Assisted Close Air Support at Scientific Research Corporation

The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide is an excellent book for new and evolving Project Managers. It reviews how projects are supposed to be run, as well as what you can expect coming in the door to your first project or even your first one at a new organization. Every project is different and this is the first book that I’ve seen that focuses on the need to know information from first-hand experience and not just theories and best practices. I wish I’d read this book before my first ‘real project’ and will keep it close by as a refresher.
Rob Alban, MBA, PMP
Project Manager at Anthem

You’re in charge! If this is the first time you have heard this in your career and you don’t know where to start, let a former Army Ranger and current Project Management Professional lead your way. Jon McGlothian has put together the basic tenets of project management into a quick guide for first time project manager. This is an easily digestible quick reference that anyone can understand.
Assistant Director of IT at City of Chesapeake

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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Get Past the Obvious

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, there are many obvious things that are clamoring for your attention: get clients, do the work, pay the bills, etc. But what about the less obvious? From being in business for over 14 years, we believe that it is vital to get past the obvious and address the hidden nuances, problems, and attitudes that can derail you – whether you are a start-up or you’ve been in business for 10 years, whether you are the CEO, CFO or a manager in Human Resources or Purchasing.

This book will increase your awareness in four key areas of business development, giving you a realistic foundation to promote long-term profitability. We know the power of these “less than obvious” issues, because we have been through them all – and have come out the other side with our businesses stronger than ever. You’ll learn:

  • Five factors that can destroy your business if not addressed;
  • Five strategies that will enable you to hire the best workforce;
  • Five highly dysfunctional decision-making behaviors that all small business owners, managers, directors and coaches should be aware of – and avoid; and
  • Five techniques that can help you achieve a true, healthy work-life balance.

It’s time for real talk about real issues – so you can discover real solutions.

I found this quick read to be relevant and insightful, certainly worth the time for any small business owners. It proved to be that gentle reminder that the obvious is not always quite so obvious in the demanding world of an entrepreneur.
Marneta House
CFO & Co-Owner of Futureage Enterprises
Inc., Palmdale, CA

This book is a blessing. The chapter on the Five Essential Strategies for hiring the Best Workforce is not only interesting to read, but I firmly believe that it would save many small businesses from making some serious mistakes and lead them to success and wealth. Every new business owner should share this book with their hiring managers and human resources team. The strategies discussed in the book will enable any business owner who implements them to build an awesome workforce and bring control and success to their business.
Elease Minor
CEO Important Details Inc., Vallejo CA

I read Get Past The Obvious and found it to be a very easy read with a reminder of the “less obvious”. Having been in business for over 15 years, I had “hidden nuances” that needed to be addressed. The book increased my awareness of certain issues. This book will definitely help many with their business development.
Bridget Smith
CEO & Founder, Short Cutz by Bridget,
Emeryville, CA

What an amazing book I found it to be. The book was a quick read, clear and easy to follow. Having been a business owner, I could definitely relate to the nuances that we all fall prey to when running a business. I saw myself repeatedly in the book from not understanding my finances to working in the business instead of on the business. I would highly recommend this book to my colleagues who have stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. Thanks for your insight and candidness.
Joyce Redd
Employment Manager, Alameda County
Behavioral Vocational Program, Alameda CA

The saying “Good things come in small packages” is the first thing that came to mind after reading Get Past the Obvious! This book has great insight on what is needed not only for business proprietors, but also for directors and managers in the day-to-day operations of an organization. Its strategies surrounding “work-life balance” will now hang over my desk. Thanks, Garnett and Kay, for the invaluable information.
A. Renee Daniels
TPMG Service Manager East Bay Area
Oakland, CA


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Fundamentals of Job Interviewing for Managers

A good employee is hard to find and this difficulty increases proportionally to the position to be filled; i.e., the higher the position the more difficult the search and the vetting of candidates. 42% of employee turnover could be eliminated with an effective interviewing and hiring process. This statistic should motivate managers to take the process seriously and become experts at it.

For small businesses it’s even more important that managers be skilledin the entire process of selecting employees because the business can ill afford the cost of turnover or unsuitableemployees. A key component of the selection process is interviewing candidates.Sadly, there are many managers or supervisors who are not good interviewers or are not skilled or confident in the processes of selecting and hiring employees.

Interviewing is an art, more than a science and like everything else it requires practice. The interviewer must feel comfortable doing it and must have self-confidence in his/her abilities both in the job he/she represents and as an interviewer.

In this book you will learn:

  • strategies forhiring employees;
  • a procedureforselecting the right candidates; and
  • a productive interview method.

Fundamentals of Job Interviewing for Managers provides a clear, concise view into what can be, at times, a difficult and painful process. By adopting these principals, a manager can remove much of the pain caused by hiring the wrong person. The concepts captured here are useful for all levels of hiring and supervisory roles from the interview through to the post hiring performance review activity. Oswald has captured the essence of the pain points and prescribes some great preventative measures.
Bruce A. Weintraub
President & CEO
Weintraub Telecomm, LLC

There is no more critical decision facing a business owner than hiring. A wrong hire can have a huge detrimental impact on the business. While there is no way to erase all risk and uncertainty in hiring, following the process and procedures laid out by Mr. Viva will certainly go a long way in minimizing risk, and will result in a much better hire than just gathering resumes, recommendations and interviews. It is logical, easy to understand and follow and most importantly, makes the owner think about not only the type of person he or she wants for the job, but how to hire the right way and for a better outcome.
Buddy Hull
TAB Atlanta East.


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The 180 Rule

Did you ever wonder why when a new idea or concept is mentioned that there is always an abundance of negative or discouraging feedback? Just mention an idea for a new business or a plan to move your life in a new direction and as if out of the woodwork people respond with a barrage of reasons why your new endeavor will never work. It’s almost as if they were given a preview of your thoughts and were assigned a mission to put together a plan to instantly sabotage your dreams.

The 180 Rule is a methodology that embraces this reality and puts it to work for you in both your business and personal lives. Commitment and engagement are achieved easily as there are no obstacles to overcome. Using the 180 Rule to achieve results actually uses our natural tendencies and abilities. Its principles are based on scientific studies of how and why we operate as humans and how we can take advantage of self-sabotaging thoughts. The 180 Rule, although simplistic in process, delivers exceptional results from the awareness of problems to successful solutions. It’s time to stop retraining and fighting our natural behaviors in an effort to be successful, and instead constructively use those behaviors to produce positive change.

“The 180 Rule is a simple, practical continuous improvement methodology which help people avoid blind spots and ruts. I have successfully used it many times – it absolutely works!”
Brian Gareau
President, Brian Gareau Inc.

“The 180 rule allows its readers to use their existing ability to find the answers they seek to create and keep their plans on a track for success.”
Pete Berol
Executive Director of Marketing & President of Red Stone Management Systems, Inc

“The 180 rule is a fascinating new concept and is a problem solver’s dream and keeps you on track to accomplish any mission.”
Rick Simmons
Dinkum Interactive


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New Rules for Seasoned Sales Pros

The rules for sales communications are changing rapidly with the adoption of new technology to communicate quickly and globally. This book is a handy business communication resource to communicate clearly, tactfully, and confidently in common sales situations. This series of quick tips is a credible guide to decisive communication, while also serving as a perfect resource for mobile, social media and digital communications on the go. Learn to use your body language to your advantage, similar to how Bill Clinton and Angelina Jolie communicate with their fans. Excellent communication skills are a key factor in most career success stories, and this resource for salespeople will take the guesswork out of how to negotiate with customers.


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