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Persuasive Presentations

Stand out from the crowd of competitors clamoring for the same business!

This 27-page ebook provides 38 tips to help you focus on the finer points of sales presentations and management presentations. You’ll learn:

  • How to get the get the right people in the room
  • When to stand or sit to best accomplish your purpose
  • When to tell a success story or a failure story to influence a buyer
  • When to use data—and when not
  • How to ask for commitments along the way
  • When to use precise numbers and when to round them off
  • How to identify the best visual support for your message

…and many more tips to improve your presentation skills and bring your listeners to a “”yes”” decision!”


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What’s the Point

Would you like people to respect you more, admire you and buy into your ideas? Would you like people to grasp the point of your message—and remember it? Would you like to know how top speakers create memorable moments by telling great stories that leave their audience inspired, motivated, and wanting more? Well now you can! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents “What’s The Point!” Telling Memorable Stories So People Will Remember You:

  1. Learn how to successfully tell stories that cause people to remember you.
  2. Acquire the skills to tell a short story that makes your point.
  3. Understand how to use stories to teach people.
  4. Discover the secrets of using your tone, tempo, personality and even accents to add impact to your stories.
  5. Attain the confidence to ensure you are believable in your delivery.
  6. Discern how to express vulnerability with a story without appearing weak.
  7. Identify how to transition your stories back to your point without going “off track”.

You’ll be able to understand how to effectively tell stories about celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Zig Ziglar and even how this one story helped Bono of the band U-2, become one of Time Magazine’s People of the Year—all while making your point! And learn the secrets of addressing different people in your audience with great stories regardless of generation, gender or culture! Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping people be their best while living life to the fullest!


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An Attitude Adjustment for Presentation Skills

Can you really improve your communication skills? You already know that public speaking and presentation skills are essential for your business and personal success, but what can you do if you don’t feel comfortable making presentations?

With this SkillBite, not only can you improve your presentation skills, but you’ll enjoy doing so, and it’ll be easy and fun! Blair and Miller have been teaching for 30 plus years and have found that the traditional methods of teaching and/or coaching communication skills often miss the mark with clients; the concepts can be difficult to actually integrate into everyday use. This quick read incorporates crucial findings from years of teaching and captivates the reader’s attention through use of a sports analogy. Learning can be fun as you access the tips through the eyes, ears and body of a team player – understanding the rules of the game, the playing field, how to score and how to practice effectively. You’ll find many suggestions that will enhance your beginning presentation skills or polish your advanced technique.

“Miller and Blair have created a focused, detailed, and clear approach to presenting in any environment, for any purpose, and to any audience. Their use of commonly used terminology to illustrate the key points necessary to successfully presenting is practical and accessible. In this succinct format, Miller and Blair have honed in on the issues that most commonly sabotage even seasoned presenters, and detail the clearest and most direct solutions to frequently encountered issues with presenting. As a vocal coach and educator, I am always seeking the most concise and straightforward path to the practical use of concepts and the work of Blair and Miller is one of the clearest and serviceable tools I have encountered to date.”

Ailish Riggs
MFA, voice, speech, dialect and presentation coach.

“Having had the pleasure of working with both Blair and Miller on voice coaching in both a group and individual setting, I was impressed with their ability to hone in on the specific areas needing attention. As a frequent public speaker, I use the techniques they have taught me before and during my presentations to hit it out of the park. This guide provides a great tool for others to learn the tools and techniques needed to increase their presentation skills.”

Christine Cunneen
CEO of Hire Image LLC.

“Public speaking is an essential skill for most in business yet the process and techniques necessary for effective speaking can be very foreign and difficult to understand. This SkillBite does a great job of weaving a common analogy, sports, into the description, making it very easy to understand and internalize all the components of good presentations. Reading this note before any type of presentation would be a great benefit to any presenter. Until I worked with ARTiculate I never realized the more subtle aspects of a presentation that really make a difference in how the audience perceives your delivery. Any manager who makes presentations or speaks publicly should work with professionals like ARTiculate.”

Jason Newcomer
Senior Real Estate Manager, City Projects, Inc.

“This gem is coaching on steroids. A must-have for every presenter who wants to be a hall-of-fame performer.”

Bo Hansen
Research Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Presenter, HealthStream Research


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The Power of Focus

Would you like to be respected and admired without saying a word? Would you like to discover and use nonverbal techniques for negotiating a pay raise at work? Would you like to overcome the fear of public speaking? Then this is the eBook for you! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents “The Power of Focus, What are You NOT Saying?” Nonverbal Techniques that “talk” people into your ideas without saying a word:

  1. Discover how to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  2. Acquire the skills to motivate people towards your goals.
  3. Obtain the nonverbal secrets of confident speakers.
  4. Pinpoint how to improve your quality of life and relationships.
  5. Take control of the power difficult people have in your life.
  6. Recognize and avoid these costly nonverbal credibility robbers.
  7. Dawn’s ultimate nonverbal secret for improving your quality of life!

You’ll be able to feel confident and in control in all circumstances—around bosses, co-workers, family and friends! You’ll discover how to successfully apply this Stephen Covey habit to have the quality of life you’ve always desired. You’ll learn how to stop arguing with difficult people and how to motivate them towards your goals! You’ll be able to take the Anthony Robbins test to live your life without regret. You’ll discover the Linda Larson secret to high self-esteem and how to apply Zig Ziglar’s formula for winning into your life! Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and professional trainer; she is passionate about helping people be their best and live life to the fullest!


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