MissBehave’s Guide To Bearable Behavior in Dogs: Park, Street & Trails Etiquette

MissBehave’s latest eBook is a definitive yet brief guide on public dog behavior and rules encouraging dog owners to go out and have fun with their dog. Many clients call because they want to be able to take their dogs out hiking, swimming and strolling in the neighborhood, but are unsure of where to go and what is acceptable.

Even while your dog is in training, getting out and about is the best thing you can do to help your dog become more comfortable and well behaved going out into the world.

This eBook guides the reader on how to cope well in a variety of situations with a dog they will be proud of most of the time. You and your dog will be welcomed in a variety of environments the more competent you both become at knowing how to act in public

“My rescue Chihuahua, Marge, had a very unpleasant demeanor towards other dogs on walks. Since working with Miriam, and taking Marge on downtown walks as part of her training, Marge can now pass by other dogs with very little reaction. She has even gone to the dog park and is able to play along the side without reacting to the other dogs!”
– Nancy Pew
Flat Rock, NC

“Our two dogs love their walks but the younger of the two, Beasy, is uncomfortable around other dogs and has to be on a gentle walker harness and muzzle. Learning how to gauge Beasy’s reactions and allowing her to be around more socialized dogs has improved her level of anxiety. We are finally able to be in more situations with both dogs as they learn to enjoy the wild outdoors.”
– Chris Stanley
Laurel Park, NC

“Otis, a relatively new rescue to our family, loves to play with other dogs in the dog park. Sadly he misreads smaller dogs’ actions and goes into prey drive and attacks. We are working with Miriam to help Otis be welcomed back to the dog park after his last bad incident. Socialization, watching his signals and helping him to take time outs are all part of his road to redemption to be dog park ready soon.”
– Anonymous (to avoid vet bills for dogs Otis attacked)
Hendersonville, NC


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MissBehave’s Guide To Bearable Behavior in Dogs: Loose Leash & Safety Recall

Imagine taking a walk on a nice summer evening with your dog where no one has yelled, tripped or ended the walk with frustration and anger. MissBehave’s Guide to Bearable Behavior in Dogs – Loose Leash Walking and Safety Recall will turn a chore into a wonderful outing with your favorite companion. This book guides you through the simple and repetitive steps you need to create the relaxed walking behavior you and your dog both deserve.

The Safety Recall section helps you help your dog to know when you mean business. Coming when called is always important, but there are times when your dog’s life and safety could be on the line. Having a fool proof recall with 100% expectations is the only way to have confidence your dog will respond immediately. Both these skills can be taught in a fun and effective manner, creating a better bond between you and your dog for a long, fun and safe life.

Now get out there and enjoy the walk!

“Miriam is an excellent dog trainer. Her eBooks are great — they are easy to read, understand and put into practice. Miriam’s loose leash & recall training tips really do work and her puppy training eBook is ideal for new owners. Highly recommended! We achieved our goals while working on-line with Miriam.”
– Kim Leighton
Durham, England

“Our neighbors were beginning to complain about our sweet dog Bandit and his new habit of constant barking. Working with Miriam previously, I contacted her and was able to get the guidance and tools I needed to diminish most of the barking from 700 miles away.”
– Jackie Jorgenson
Berwyn, PA

“Our dog was not comfortable with house guests’ dogs and it became a problem once our daughter started to come home for visits from graduate school with her new puppy. After an awful summer visit we contacted Miriam to get ready for Christmas so we did not have to watch for fights or keep the dogs apart from one another. After working with her, our dog was able to exist with our daughter’s dog in the same room. We still feed them in different rooms and no bones are ever around, but we are now able to look forward to visits again.”
– Alison Volk
Devon, PA


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MissBehave’s Guide to Bearable Behavior in Dogs: Puppy Training 101, by Miriam Hughes

MissBehave’s Guide to Bearable Behavior in Dogs is a series of eBooks written for the dog owner who wants to learn training bites in quick and manageable doses. Each book’s main focus is to help the dog and his human companion have a successful and fun relationship, not marred by miscommunications, screaming, yelling and ultimate rejection.

With so many dogs ending up in shelters in the first year of their life, these short eBooks are one step in the crusade to keeping your dog at home with you forever. The first of the series, this eBook covers 6 key commands for training your puppy. Future volumes will cover bonding tricks and games, dog nutrition and health tips, integrating a rescue dog into your home and care for older dogs. A portion of the proceeds for each book will go to dog rescues throughout the country.

“Miriam has been my most trusted person with my Maddy, our Golden Retriever, for her entire life of 12 years. Bode as a new rescue fell right in line with Miriam’s training. She is their dog whisperer! We knew that our dogs felt that she offered the country club experience. Hikes, walks, lots of fun and all while learning!”
– Georgia Skeades – Villanova
PA (client for 12 years)

“Raising an animal that you care for can be frustrating and upsetting when things don’t go the way we expect. All you wanted was a well behaved dog but you’ve ended up with something different. Fortunately, the whole family can be involved and benefit from Miriam’s training. She has a unique way of relaying the most important aspects of working with dogs that anyone can understand and affectively apply. I have known Miriam for many years, and have seen firsthand her ability to transform the relationship of dog and family.”
Dave Braxton
owner, Braxton’s Animal Works, Wayne, PA

“Our dog, Higgins just loved working and staying with Miriam. She gives both dog and dog owners the support and confidence they need to have a safe and happy relationship.”
– Alison Schumacher – Phoenixville
PA (client for 4 years)


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