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How do you define “rich”? Does money really buy happiness? Do you have enough money to make your dreams come true? Money does not have to be what stops you from having what you truly want and need. This program provides a fresh approach to wealth and abundance. In addition to practical ways to acquire more, hear how to value what you have in a new and empowering way. Best-selling author, Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, offers a tried and true method for changing your relationship to money. This book includes:

  1. Money Myths
  2. The Value of Possessions
  3. The LAW of Riches
  4. Being Rich & Experiencing Abundance
  5. Pennies From Heaven
  6. Good as Gold
  7. True Value.

If you are tired of hearing yourself tell an old story or complain about how you don’t have enough, this program is for you. The core principles in this book will help you overcome issues and obstacles related to money and scarcity. And here’s the big payoff. As you shift your mindset, your bank account will follow.


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