Farm to Table for Schools

Farm to table is making its way into restaurants, and is slowly making its way into schools. This movement makes a lot of sense for schools: it provides great publicity and attracts a higher level of student; it exemplifies the lessons on environmental stewardship that the school wants the students to learn; and it provides greater nutritional value in the food being provided. The challenge is to figure out how to implement such a system within the confines of a school system – delivery times, budget, bureaucracy, etc. This book provides a step-by-step guide on how to implement a farm-to-table approach for schools, written by a chef who has implemented farm-to-table systems in many schools.

Chef Budd Cohen’s love for food is deeply rooted in his family. While his grandparents in¬stilled a love of cooking and inspired Budd, today he generously shares his wealth of knowl¬edge so that your children can benefit from recent healthy food movements.
Darryl J. Ford
Head of School, The William Penn Charter School

Budd Cohen has been at the forefront of the movement to transform school food. In our region, he is a leader in promoting the idea that school cafeterias can serve healthy, local and delicious food. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how to implement a successful Farm to School program at their school.
Tatiana Garcia-Granados
Common Market Philadelphia, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Chef Budd Cohen has documented one of the most ex¬citing chapters in the Local Foods Movement, helping to ensure a long-term transformation. Farm to Table for Schools adds an inspiring personal story and an instruc¬tion manual for taking action.
Mary Ann Ford
co-founder and co-owner of Harvest Local Foods
Lansdowne, PA


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