Handling the Death of a Loved One

It goes without saying that death is inevitable, but it is not something any of us knows a lot about. So when fate delivers us in the role of planning the funeral of someone we love, many find themselves at a loss. There are a lot of issues that arise that need attention quickly. Practical matters and financial issues have to be faced when we are emotionally vulnerable, making us feel as if we just can’t handle it.

This book lays it out for you. Step by step, day by day. You will learn in what order things need to be done as well as the protocols for dealing with the funeral director, and the place of worship, You will discover for example, that embalming is not a requirement, but a choice. Suggestions for working with your family and planning every aspect of the funeral are here. The Afterword provides information on grief and loss.

“I have been around death all of my life. “Handling the Death of a Loved One” is a helpful guide. It is spot on, concise, well organized, and it will keep you on track. There is not a family I serve that could not benefit from reading this book.”
Jack Ruffenach
Funeral Director, Ruffenach Funeral Home
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

“Eileen Colville has put together an informative and thoughtful book for individuals who are going through a dark and confusing time. Many of our clients have little to no experience with funeral planning and have no idea where to begin when a loved one passes away. Eileen explains the funeral process from what to bring to the funeral home to make productive initial arrangements to what to pack in your purse on the day of the service. Her helpful book is a stepping stone in making through the inevitable process.”
Bridget Monaghan
Funeral Director, The Oliver H. Bair Funeral Home and Monaghan Funeral Home
Upper Darby and Red Hill, Pennsylvania
(610)449-8585 OR (215)679-6400

“I have been a licensed funeral director in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 56 years. I found this book to be excellent and to the point. It is something all families should read.”
Jack J. Stretch 3rd
Stretch Funeral Service
Havertown, PA 19083

“Handling the Death of a Loved One” is a book that everyone should read. This book covers all the bases-from the moment the death occurs until after the funeral is over, followed by a section on how to deal with grief and loss. Also discussed is the notion of pre-planning one’s own funeral. Overall, this book is very well written and the information it provides is invaluable”
John J. McConaghy
McConaghy Funeral Home, LTD
Ardmore, PA 19003


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Getting a Second Opinion

If getting a second opinion is so important, why don’t more patients get one? Find out how to go about pursuing a second opinion when it counts.

Research has shown that getting a second opinion results in new diagnoses in as many as 30% of all cases yet in spite of the apparent value, few patients get them. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Only 20% of people who seek medical care every year get a second opinion” and yet, as evidenced by the resulting new diagnoses, it can be a game changer. Patients express fear that their doctor “will not like it” or they “don’t want to offend” their doctor. And more pragmatically, even if they do want to, patients don’t know HOW to go about getting one. This e-book will explain in great detail how to pursue a second opinion—from identifying the doctor to making sure the logistics are completed to make the visit the most effective use of everyone’s time.

“Great advice! A simple and clear guide for patients to turn to when faced with a difficult diagnosis. Betty skillfully encapsulates the key points to utilizing a second opinion to its fullest—-picking up where most doctors leave off.”
Amy Clouse
MD, Attending Family Medicine Physician and Associate Director of Family Medicine Residency Program
Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington PA

“Even though I am a nurse myself, I benefited greatly by getting a second opinion when I was making decisions about knee replacement surgery. The seven steps listed in this book were very helpful. I was struggling with the decision to have one knee done at a time or do both knees at the same time. I also wanted to make sure I selected the best possible surgeon to meet my needs. I went to one surgeon who only wanted to do one knee at a time despite the fact both knees were equally bad. When I went to the second surgeon for another opinion I was accompanied by a nurse advocate from Guardian Nurses and it made all the difference. It helped to have someone else listening to what was being said and then help me make the decision. I went with bilateral knee replacement and I am certain that I made the right decision with the help of my nurse advocate.”
Karen K. Kirby
RN, MSN, NEA-BC, FACHE President & CEO
Kirby Bates & Associates, Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Obtaining a second medical opinion made a significant difference more than once in my life. In one situation, a second opinion recommended a more practical rehabilitative path for recovery, and had I obtained the second opinion earlier, I may have made decisions about my care that would have significantly decreased my treatment and recovery time. In a compassionate and thoughtful way, this book provides the incentive and the tools needed to get that second source of advice.”
Harrie Samaras
Esq., Founder of the ADR & Law Office of Harrie Samaras


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EZ Steps for Living Safely In Your Own Home, by Jane Regan

EZ Steps is a guide to making living in your own home as you age both safe and attractive. The best time to modify your home for safety as you age is before you are in real need. If you have aging parents who want to stay in their own home, or you are getting up there in age and want to remain living in your home, this book is a must read. It is filled with tips on the simple home modifications you can make to minimize the occurrence of accidents and live safely in your own home.

“As an aging baby boomer, Jane’s book speaks to the value of independence and the value of an enjoyable and functional living space and how you can modify your home environment to create both!”
– Teri Pickle
Half Moon Bay

“Jane’s book is full of easily understood ways to maintain a safe, accessible, and beautiful home as we age!”
– Elizabeth Schuck

“What a nifty little guide to an important topic. Jane has presented material about aging in an easy to read ebook.”
– Renee Henderson
San Francisco

“A great guide to getting your home assessed without having to pay for someone to come in to do it. Good for families with aging parents.”
– Dr. Eric Shapira


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