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Make Money Selling What You Know

You have heard the expression, “Knowledge is power.” Today, knowledge is also income! If you take what you know and create information products people want to buy, you can tap into this lucrative income stream easily and quickly. Make Money Selling What You Know shows you how.

You can build physical products, such as printed books or DVDs, and downloadable, digital ones, such as eBooks and mp3s. When your product is completed, sell it on your own website or blog or on a hosted website and generate income.

Provide unique value and add a variety of new products regularly, so your customers come back and buy more of what you have to offer. Leverage your products and create greater value. Bundle an eBook with an mp3 and then package both of these with a recorded webinar. Bundling can increase your income exponentially.

Say, “YES” to new income opportunities and start now to share your knowledge with information products. Make Money Selling What You Know!

“Make Money Selling What You Know” is a must-have eBook for anyone who wants to increase their income by sharing their expertise. As an image consultant and SkillBites author, I know that being published adds to your credibility, enhances your professional reputation and helps you stand out from your competitors. Patricia’s book is the go-to source for what you need to know and do to turn your knowledge into profits!”
– Sara Canuso
President, A Suitable Solution, Philadelphia, PA.

“The information in this eBook is necessary for anyone who wants to showcase their expertise to grow their business. An information product lets small businesses and entrepreneurs more successfully compete with larger companies that have huge marketing departments behind them. An eBook or workshop can mean new business practically overnight, and this eBook shows you how to do it.”
– Richard Ventura
President & CEO, Economic Empowerment Fund Former Commissioner, City and County of San Francisco Small Business Commission


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Listening for Sales Results

Do people describe you as a good listener? Every skilled listener is a master at asking the right questions of the right people. The rules for active listening are changing rapidly with the advance of technology. This book is a handy business communication resource to listen effectively, communicate tactfully, and sell confidently in a global economy. This series of quick tips is a credible guide to decisive communication, while also serving as a perfect resource for mobile, social media and digital communications on the go. Learn to ask questions skillfully to your advantage. Excellent listening skills are a key factor in closing big sales, and this resource for salespeople will take the guesswork out of how to really hear your customers.


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What’s the Point

Would you like people to respect you more, admire you and buy into your ideas? Would you like people to grasp the point of your message—and remember it? Would you like to know how top speakers create memorable moments by telling great stories that leave their audience inspired, motivated, and wanting more? Well now you can! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents “What’s The Point!” Telling Memorable Stories So People Will Remember You:

  1. Learn how to successfully tell stories that cause people to remember you.
  2. Acquire the skills to tell a short story that makes your point.
  3. Understand how to use stories to teach people.
  4. Discover the secrets of using your tone, tempo, personality and even accents to add impact to your stories.
  5. Attain the confidence to ensure you are believable in your delivery.
  6. Discern how to express vulnerability with a story without appearing weak.
  7. Identify how to transition your stories back to your point without going “off track”.

You’ll be able to understand how to effectively tell stories about celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Zig Ziglar and even how this one story helped Bono of the band U-2, become one of Time Magazine’s People of the Year—all while making your point! And learn the secrets of addressing different people in your audience with great stories regardless of generation, gender or culture! Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping people be their best while living life to the fullest!


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What Do You Mean by That?

What does your body language say about you? Studies have proven that over 70 percent of what you communicate is through your body language. What you wear, your posture, and your non-verbal actions speak loudly to customers, co-workers, managers and lovers. Learn to control what you “say” by understanding what your body language communicates. Even small talk speaks volumes about a person. This practical resource will help you shine in any situation, and even help you be the hit of the party as you come prepared to be the center of attention. Excellent nonverbal skills are a key factor in success, and this resource will take the guesswork out of how to communicate with credibility.


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Three Leadership Secrets Revealed

Would you like to apply the secrets that top motivational leaders from Zig Ziglar to Tony Robbins, and from Oprah Winfrey all the way to Mother Teresa, have successfully applied in their lives? Imagine being able to motivate people regardless of age, status, personality or even skillset? Would you like to discover and implement these secrets in your life beginning today? Then this is the eBook for you! As you come on this journey with Dawn Jones and explore these three secrets, you will see your power, influence, and ability to motivate people to action begin to increase starting right now! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents “Three Leadership Secrets Revealed!” 3-Success Methods to Motivate People to Action:

  1. Learn how top leaders clearly communicate every time!
  2. Discover how to motivate even the most stubborn people!
  3. Obtain this secret to ensure your meaning is never misinterpreted!
  4. Pinpoint how to improve your quality of life and relationships.
  5. Take control of the power difficult people have in your life.
  6. Acquire the skills to motivate people towards your goals.
  7. Recognize how inspiring people inspire those around them.

You will learn the secrets of motivating people to action; discover how to put your personality to work for you, and one of these secrets will even show you how to eliminate one of the biggest time wasters in your life! All while helping you clearly communicate your message consistently—so that other people “get” what you’re saying and move towards your goals and objectives while reaching theirs!


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