Fundamentals of Trademarks

In the modern economy, nearly all products and services must be associated with a brand that allows them to be marketed to perspective customers.  Therefore, proper branding is central to achieving and maintaining success in the marketplace and trademark law is the tool by which these brands can be protected.  The Fundamentals of Trademarks explains what trademarks are, how trademarks can become registered and how trademark rights can be enforced and maintained.

“Mr. Farmer’s eBook offers a very concise, easy-to-follow overview of trademark law. The principles discussed are often illustrated either by graphics or by verbal examples, helping the reader follow the discussion easily. The book is useful both to parties seeking to register or protect a trademark and to those who seek ways to attack one. A quick, handy reference!”
Robert Battey
Esq. Arlington, VA

“This publication provides an excellent overview of trademarks. It is written in an easy to understand manner. Whether you have no prior knowledge about trademarks, or you have experience with them, like myself, this book provides a good, comprehensive overview of trademarks that is useful for everyone. Mr. Farmer has created an excellent work that describes a trademark, discusses the importance of registering and how to register trademarks, and presents the requirements to maintaining and enforcing your trademark after it has been registered. Anyone thinking of obtaining or maintaining a trademark should have this handy reference manual.”
Geoffrey M. Bohn
Bohn & Kouretas, PLC


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Employment Law Guide For Employees: Practical Tips On How To Protect Yourself In The Workplace And On Your Way Out, by Ayesha Hamilton

Employment law for the employee: Understand your rights and learn how to protect yourself when you believe that you are being mistreated in the workplace. This e-book will help you evaluate the strength of your claims and decide your path forward.

“Ayesha Hamilton is a brilliant attorney who helped me understand my rights and the details of my discrimination case against my employer in a very straight forward manner. She navigates through the complexities of the law in a swift, efficient manner and is a formidable presence in the face of opposing counsel.”
– Ramona Broomer

“Ayesha has handled several matters for me and my wife in the past and I have never been associated with an attorney that listened to my concerns, addressed them, explained what my options were, and why, and then asked what I thought. Her understanding of Employee, Employer, and Business Law is extensive, and what she doesn’t know she fully researches to assure that you receive the best advice and representation. I have complete confidence in her opinions and will not consider making a move any more without consulting her first. I have read her Employment Guide, and can assure you this is great advice. I regret not having this type of information available years ago when I began my professional career.”
– Manfred Marotta

“Ayesha Hamilton’s direct approach to employment issues helps clarify if you have a potential case or not and what you should do about it. Her real world thinking and practical advice help navigate you through, at times, muddy water. As an employer, Ayesha has helped my company create a framework of communication and accountability not just for my employees, but for my company as well. Ms. Hamilton’s expertise and guidance is necessary in today’s competitive job market to both the employer and the employee.”
– Shirley Kalisky


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